ROOTS Skull & Shackles

Fighting, Allies, and more fighting

Oh we have our own ship now, sort of

An all too brief wrap up of the last session but here it is anyway. The group makes its way down into the grindylows’ sea caves. Once there, they kill some monsters and get some treasure. Toward the end of the exploring of the grindylows caves, the group finds the kidnapped pirates and a little more. In the same cave as the captives, resides The Brinebrood Queen, matriarch of the grindylows of Bonewrack Isle, lives in this cavern with her beloved son the Whale. Needless to say, the group kills them and rescues the captives. Sandara Quinn informs the group that Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge play on killing them as soon as they get back to the Man’s Promise. The group finds a group of grindylows that they did not kill on their way in and offer them a deal if they help them in the coming fight. The grindylows accept and the stage is set for the big fight. The big fight, aka mutiny, goes very well for the group. No one of the human allies were killed, although the grindylows were all lost. All the surviving pirates are keen to remain aboard under the PCs’ command, regardless of their previous affiliation. After all, it’s better to serve a new captain than be marooned on a monster-infested flyspeck of an island. The PCs’ new crew does, however, point out that the moment Captain Harrigan hears of their mutiny he is bound to seek vengeance. Ambrose Kroop suggests following Plugg’s plan of taking the Man’s Promise to Rickety’s Squibs for a refit to prepare for a new life on the ocean waves.



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