ROOTS Skull & Shackles

Ghost ships, Devil ships, Death, and a Chicken

All in all, not a bad week

You prepare to set sail from Bloodcove when Gallen is approached by an individual interested in joining your crew, Soltharon, Dakkiah Soltharon. Being always in the need of new crew, especially ones with any sort of talent, you give him permission to board. After a brief talk with Cap’n Jonah, Dakkiah is given a variety of tasks to do to see which he fits best in. He fits best in the kitchen, apparently.
After a couple of days, you spy a fresh village to try and capture slaves. The raid goes off swimmingly, especially in Thadius’ case. You capture enough slave and material to get two plunder from the village.
You next come upon a fishing vessel listing to port. There seems to be no damage other than a breach in the haul, at least at first. On closer inspection, the ship shows that there are holes where cross bolts have been removed. And you spy the ships dingy slowly sinking and moving under the other ship. Thadius jumps in to investigate while some others board the sinking ship. At that same time, the sahuagin bust forth from below deck. You easily dispatch them and get some coins and an unusual necklace. One of the sahuagin wears a necklace of golden corral and strange, silvery metal with blue-black whorls worth 1,500 gp. The silvery metal is a platinum alloy known as “deep platinum”.
You decide to head back to Bloodcove to liquid date some of your plunder and try and raise you infamy. Bloodcove turns out better than you could have expected. Your new crew member, Dakkiah, gets your infamy to amazing new levels with the help of throwing some plunder out there. Apparently he has a gift for infamy for some reason. You also sell off some treasure, including the deep platinum necklace, and some plunder. You decide to make Bloodcove your home port. Now with your level of infamy you are Disgraceful. You grow ready to head out further from the coast and test your ship and crew.
On your way into Bloodcove you are followed by what can only be described as a “ghost ship” that disappears at first light of day. You encounter it once again several days out of Bloodcove. You are also raided by sahuagin again. They are easily driven off but not before one of them gurgles something to you about “the necklace”. Thadius drives into the water after the sahuagin and a crew they have dragged with them only to find that he is not alone in the water. After almost being killed, Thadius exits the water and calls off the search for the missing crew.
You soon come upon a Chelish caravel, the Dowager Queen. You easily catch up with the sailing ship and prepare to board her and take all she is worth. As soon as you come along side and grapple, you find out why it was so easy to catch her. The first volley is shot off by the Chelish sorcerer on the aft castle. Laying waste to your clustered closely together troops with nowhere to go. Your crew bravely runs forward to board the Chelish ship despite your loses. Gallan jumps onto the enemy ship with blood in his eye set for revenge. But he is promptly held by one of the Chelish clerics, Coup De Grace by one of their crew, and dies without drawing a bit of blood other than his own. Cap’n Jonah gives the order to retreat but not everyone hears the order over the Chelish marines boarding your vessel. Dakkiah dashes onto the Dowager Queen and takes out some crew and damages others with a negative energy burst. Thadius moves forward and starts to take out the opposing crew with spells. Meanwhile Cap’n Jonah is busy dodging a spiritual weapon sent to attack him. Katarina retreats back aboard your ship as ordered. The tide of battle turns when the sorcerer is taken out by negative energy bursts and magic missiles, one of the enemy clerics is push over board by spell, Dakkiah uses a skull shaped lantern to shoot flames, and the other is attacked by a spiritual weapon of Cap’n Johan’s doing. After climbing back on board, the second enemy cleric is slain and soon after is the last one. The two remaining Chelish marines “surrender” but take poison and die rather than be captured by the likes of you.
The sailing crew surrenders quickly. The remaining crew easily give up information that the two clerics you killed where cousins of Queen Abrogail II. The sorcerer was a distant cousin as well. You find a set of keys on the sorcerer that looks as they should unlock the doors to the captain’s cabin and several others. The head of each key is a little different and match the pattern above each lock on the doors you investigate. No longer having a thief, Katarina uses the key that matches to open the one door to the captain’s cabin. There is a greenish sulfur puff of smoke and where Katarina once stood; there is now a chicken instead. A loudly clucking, fussing chicken. Johan discovers by doing a detect magic that the true shape of the keys can be seen and that Katarina has actually been cursed, not polymorphed. You search the rest of the ship and find another locked metal door on the entrance to the main hold. When you unlock the door, a set of devilish red eye appear on it, glare at you and then disappear. Once the metal door is open you find a hold full of unusual plunder and a caged naked gnome. You release the gnome, Maxwell Gushan, Bard. The chest, with child sized clothing and possessions, now makes sense. Soon after releasing Maxwell, you notice that the ship is started to self-destruct. You do manage to get the plunder off the ship before it disintegrates itself with little pentagram symbols.
The 5 points of plunder that you get from the hold is a temple/shrine “starter set” for Asmodeus, bound for Sargava. You also have a talk with your new boson about what he actually is and his intent. You already know that he is a follower of Zon-Kuthon. Dakkiah discloses that he is an anti-paladin.


I want to know why Keith’s summaries make our adventures sound either more dramatic, or more comedic (and often both) than I remember.

Keith, maybe you are a bard in real life?


The funny truth about that is, when at work and we are asked to describe what we do, I will say I am the Bard of the department. A Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Of course, I get a look from them as a dog at a high pitch noise.


I am looking forward to playing with you guys again this weekend. Here comes the pain!


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