ROOTS Skull & Shackles

I now pronounce you, Cap'n and Ghost Ship

Bad touch, bad touch

After surviving the battle with the Dowager Queen, you turn north to head to Rickety’s. Cap’n Jonah tries his hand at dispelling the curse that has Katarina as a chicken. His first try turns her into a goat by miss casting the dispel. The following day he tries again and returns Katarina to human form. There is currently no one squibbing so you are able to pull into harbor. Your newest recruit, Maxwell, tries his hand at gaining you infamy. He does not do so well. But in his defense, he had only been with you for a day. The following day, Dakkiah, easily gets you the infamy desired. Maxwell does manage to acquire a nice map of the area were the Rock is located.
Once you leave Rickety’s, the Key turns to head to the Tidewater Rock. The Chelish Man-o-War, Dominator, pursues you. With the Man-o-War bristling with ballista and catapults, the discussion is made to hide up a river. Thaddeus takes on of the dingys out as diversion while Cap’n Johan creates a fog cloud to hide the Key heading up river. The key sails up river and hides. Thaddeus abandons the dingy as a green fog starts to form. Out the green fog, the ghost sip that had been tailing the Key, appears and wards off the Dominator. Thaddeus does get a good look at the ghost ship and sees the name is the Deathknell. He then turns tail and heads back toward land and a rendezvous with the Shackle’s Key.
The morning comes and the Key heads back down river only to have the crow’s nest spot a ship anchored at the mouth of the river. It is the Dominator that has returned in the night. A plan is hatched to sabotage the Dominator. The plan is to slow her down or stop her from pursuit while you sneak away in the night. After the moon has set, Dakkiah, Katarina, Maxwell, Thaddeus, and Quinn head down river in a boat. At the mouth of the river they discover that they are not the only landing craft out tonight. Further down the beach two boats of Chelish marines have landed and are heading into the jungle.
Dakkiah and Quinn remain on shore with the rescue boat while Katarina, Maxwell, and Thaddeus head to the Dominator to cause havoc. Katarina and Maxwell use water breathing potions to aid in their staying submerged to remain unseen. Thaddeus heads down to the rudder to see what damage he can do there.
Katarina and Maxwell climb up the side of the man-o-war to sabotage the pulley and tackle that helps steer the ship. Maxwell has a few issues climbing the side of the ship at first. He does finally reach the window where Katarina is waiting. The ornaments on the side of the ship that they use to help with their assent start to get warm to the touch. Maxwell throws open the window and starts to address the two marines in the room. He manages to catch the one marine’s attention but the other bolts for the door for help. Katarina jumps into the room hacks at the rope but does not break it with the first hit. Maxwell tells Katarina to close the door. She hits it at the same time as marines are trying to come into the room. She manages to slam the door close before they manage to come in the room. She turns hacks the rest of the rope threw and drives out the window. On her way down to the water, Katarina grabs Maxwell off the side of the ship as he is tossing a bottle of alchemy fire into the room.
Thaddeus is below the water line trying to ruin the rudder. He uses spells and skills to royally mess up the rudder. It gets bad enough that it is stuck at an angle and in the same position. He hears a couple of splashes to let him know that Katarina and Maxwell must either be done or something else. He heads for the splash and does find that it is them and they are ready to head back.
On shore Dakkiah and Quinn can see that there is a lot of activity on the Dominator. They ready the boat to head out. Maxwell, Katarina, and Thaddeus come ashore up the beach from where they are at so they set out to catch up with them and then head out to wait for the Key.
At the Shackle’s Key, the ship comes under attack from the marines of the Dominator. The marines use tarred arrows to try and set the Key aflame. Cap’n Jonah uses a fog cloud to help protect the ship from the attackers. The attackers fall behind quickly as the Key floats down river.
The Key floats out in the mouth of the river. You quickly head out after picking up the sabotage party. The Key does come under fire from the Dominator and takes some hits. The Shackle’s Key gets away though because the damage done causes the Dominator just to go around in circles.
The following day is spent checking out the condition of the ship and making the repairs required. Cap’n Johan decides to head south to hopefully avoid the Dominator. Tries as you might, you keep getting turned to the west and Tidewater Rock. You finally give up and head toward the Rock. You arrive at the group of islands that contains the Rock and drop anchor for the night. During the night you are attacked by sahuagin again. You easily drive them off even though the captain is pushed overboard. Cap’n Jonah wants a live sahuagin, if/when they attack again.
Once morning comes, you head off to the Keep of Tidewater Rock. A tower rises like a solid block from the sea at the edge of this island. The pounding surf rolls around its base and partially covers the steps that lead up to its front gate. A few arrow slits pierce its walls here and there, and a single shuttered window opens high upon the face of the fortress. A roof of metal shingles rises from its battlements where sentries keep lookout and siege weapons stand ready on corner turrets. You are greeted from the top of the battlements by Lady Agasta Smythee, the owner of the Rock. You proceed to convince Lady Agasta that you do not have any violate intention and that you have come on more of a to see what you might be able to do for each other. She asks two things, for you to go back to your ship and drop off your magic and weapons and come back for diner and two that one of you act as hostage. You do as she asks and Thaddeus is taken as the hostage.
During the diner you manage to come to a mutual beneficial agreement cemented by Lady Agasta and Cap’n Jonah get married. By getting married, it gives the Key a place to store valuables and a place to hide if they want. She gets protection and a way of easy resupply. Now if she was to die, the Rock would become Jonah’s. But if Johan were to die, the Key would technically become hers. The vault that she gives over to the Key to use is completely empty and is completely theirs for the duration of the marriage. The marriage contract is for one year. She gives you for use for the year, a farglass and a buccaneer’s breastplate. She also gives Jonah a ring that will merge with any other ring he wears and not count towards the limit he can wear. With this ring, she can let him know when the Rock is under siege and needs to return. You also find out more information about the Deathknell and Captain Pilk. You find out that he was cursed by a wizard that he betrayed. That he is cursed to reform, even after being “killed”, after a cycle of the moon, which is not true. The Deathknell attacks ships to feed the special zombies that Pilk has a crew. It is rumored that he can end the curse if he can get more than 1000 souls fed to his crew. It is also known that Pilk attacks on the third night of stalking.
The Key and the Deathknell finally meet for what might be the first and last time or not. The battle starts off badly for the Key. Pilk’s zombies attack even before the Deathknell is near. Jonah is attacked and almost brought low. He manages to turn himself and Rosie invisible to the zombie, allowing Maxwell to deal with the zombie. The rest of the officers deal with the zombies the best they can until the Deathknell rams the Key. Pilk joins the combat by reaching out with a ghostly green hand and grabs onto Katarina’s heart and squeezes it crushing her constitution and fatiguing her. Rosie runs to Jonah’s cabin to get scrolls after ordered to do so. After killing off most of the zombies, several of the crew jump onto the Deathknell to go after Captain Pilk. Pilk releases his grasp on Katarina and now aims it at Dakkiah and hit, leaving him fatigued and hurting. Most of the officers make it to the upper deck of the Deathknell where Pilk is hold up. Rosie goes against Cap’n Jonah’s orders and drops the scrolls by his cabin and takes out the last of the first wave of the zombies. Once the last of his zombies is defeated, Pilk reaches out and touches the ships bell. There is a ghostly ring and 6 more zombie crawl onto the deck. You remember hearing this ghostly ring before the first wave of zombies crawled onboard the Key. This new batch of zombies is not lasting long against bursts from Quinn and Jonah. Maxwell gets a good look at the bell and definitely id’s it as the center of Pilk’s power. You start to damage the bell but before you can destroy it, Pilk is dealt enough to dismiss him and his ship. Everyone who had boarded the Deathknell splashes down into the water of the Fever Sea.



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