ROOTS Skull & Shackles

So we have gotten rid of one enemy off the list......

Of course, we added another.......

After the “death” of Pilk he and his ship and crew vanish just like your hopes for victory. The green Deathknell fog clear quickly as you float in the water. The net ladder is lowered over the side to let you climb aboard. After drying off and healing up, a strategy session to see how to deal with Pilk and his bell if you should meet him again. The best offense seems to be buff up and have Thaddeus head after the bell. You know that you have damaged the bell and that it will or at least it should not heal itself. You know that it weighs a good deal due to its size and the fact that it seems to be made of some metal that Maxwell does not recognize. Thaddeus finds only minor scraps from the Deathknell ram.
You turn the Key towards your home port of Bloodcove. A few days out from port, Thaddeus and Katarina spot a ship and give chase. It is a lugger (long ship), the Kurstav, of some nationality they cannot determine. Cap’n Jonah determines that the ship is Kellid. You successfully attack and board the ship. During the moving of plunder from the Kurstav, making on the crates identifying them as belonging to the Aspis Consortium are discovered. Looking in the captain’s cabin confirms that the ship is working for the Consortium. Cap’n Jonah order the ship, the emptied crates, and the crew all be sent to the bottom of the Fever Sea.
The Key reaches Bloodcove without further incident. You sell off some plunder, gain a good bit of infamy, and resupply the ship and for Tidewater. After a couple of days in Bloodcove, the Key leaves port and heads out to sea. You start to head back to Tidewater Rock to drop off perishables. About half way back to Tidewater, Katarina and Thaddeus spot another ship and close with it. Once they get close enough, they realize that is the Chelish Man-o-war Dominator. At this time, the crew also notices that the gnome bard, Shortstone is gone and no one remembers him being aboard ship after Bloodcove. The Dominator spots the Key and gives chase. They close and then you manage to widen the gap and lose them eventually, sort of. Using the Farglass, you can tell the Dominator is still proceeding along the same course that the Key was on.
Before the sun rises the next day, a green fog appears on the western horizon. Through the Farglass, you can see the faint image of a ship in the fog. You manage to stay hidden from the Dominator the following day and sure enough midway to dawn from the midnight hour the green fog returns. That makes two out of three and if things follow as they should, the Deathknell will attack the Key the following morning some time before dawn. Cap’n Jonah commands to ready the ship for battle.
True to his modus operandi, Pilk attacks. The green fog arrives in the blink of an eye, thicker and heavy than the previous time. Cap’n Jonah starts to buff up both Thaddeus and Katarina, who stand next to him, and to hide them with a Hide from Undead. Maxwell begins to sing a tall tale to inspire those that can hear him. The crew stands ready to be boarded by Pilk’s zombies, but is treated to an attack by sahuagin instead. The sahuagin cause the Hide from Undead to vanish since Thaddeus and Katarina have to engage them in combat. One of the sahuagin nets Maxwell and tries to take off with him but fails. This still leaves Maxwell to cut himself free of the barbed net. Just before the last of the sahuagin are dispatched, Pilk’s zombies arrive on the scene. Cap’n Jonah once again uses Hide from Undead to try and give them advantage during the battle with Pilk. The crew is also told not to kill all the zombies so Pilk cannot summon more during the fight. Pilk rams the Deathknell into the Key and hard this time knocking several of the crew prone. The battle goes back and forth mainly in the Key’s favor until Pilk pulls the Deathknell away. This makes it impossible for you to just stole on over to the Deathknell. So several of the crew just stand on the Key and stare at Pilk while he attacks with his ghostly green touch from afar. Cap’n Jonah tries to maneuver the Key next to the Deathknell but soon finds it more difficult than he is used. Could it be that the Deathknell is tied to this undead creature and he can control it without the wheel. Meanwhile Katarina has a déjà vu of the last encounter with good Captain Pilk and has her heart squeezed almost out of her chest. Cap’n Jonah does finally manage a brief encounter with the Deathknell but not before a couple of the crew have had enough and try, with varying degrees of success, to jump the distance. Meanwhile, on the Key, Dakkiah and Owlbear keep the last of the zombies busy. Dakkiah keeps knocking them off their feet while Owlbear slowly beats them back to death. Quinn tries to keep everyone healthy and heal Katarina of her damage. Thaddeus makes it over to the Deathknell to try and destroy the bell. He manages to give it a good crack but he also gets Pilk’s full attention. Dakkiah and Owlbear finish off the zombies and head onto the Deathknell. Pilk’s downs Thaddeus and then reaches his treasured bell to summon more zombies. The zombies appear surrounding Dakkiah and Owlbear. Owlbear takes on the zombies as Dakkiah makes a mad dash them the undead to make an attempt at the bell. Before Pilk can try to poke Dakkiah with his harpoon, Dakkiah swings his spike chain making contact. One of the spikes catches in the crack and with a yank the bell splits in half and clangs to the deck off the Deathknell. Pilk screams in anger, pain, and surprised relief. As the bell halves rocks back and forth, what appears to be a mist or smoke rises from the inside of the bell halves. You realize the fog is the spirits of the slain being released from imprisonment in the bell. As the spirits disperse, a skull rolls onto the deck of the Deathknell. You quickly search the Deathknell before it too dissipates. You gain 4 points of plunder and find an astrolabe called Svingli’s Eye.
You inspect the damage caused by the ramming with the Deathknell and find it to be minimal. The Key continues on to Tidewater Rock. As you are approaching the rock you see smoke rising from the island the keep is on and Jonah gets a ring from his “wedding ring”. The Key enters the harbor and you go ashore to find the sahuagin have attacked. They were repelled but a couple guards are dead and Mardus is mortally wounded. Cap’n Jonah heals Mardus. Talking with Agasta provides few clues to why the sahuagin attacked, but the fact that it is not that common. After hiding your Consortium plunder on your island vault, you head out to sea. On your way out of the harbor, you spot sahuagin heading in. The Key turns around and drops anchor to await the coming attack. As the sun falls below the horizon the sahuagin come forth from the sea. You easily defeat the sahuagin including the one Maxwell manages to cast Hold on. Thaddeus, Katarina, and Jonah follow them into the water to try and get a prisoner to question. Well, all the sahuagin get dead. The following day, Jonah casts Speak with Dead and asks the sahuagin,
“Why are you attacking” …. “Vengeance”
“How can we stop the attacks” …. “Your death”
“Are you following us” …. “Sort of”
Something else you notice is that the sahuagin always attack in threes, but you only killed eight.



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