ROOTS Skull & Shackles

Wait, Wait, Come Back......

We only want to enslave you.....

After having killed the giant wasps that were attacking the area that you are in, Rickety and a plainly dressed half orc approach you.
Rickety thinks that something must have happened to his lookout in the watchtower Pegsworthy has already confirmed that he did not see any signal flag from the watchtower when he sailed into the cove. Rickety tells the PCs that he’ll knock 100 gp off the price of their squib if they’ll follow the trail out to the watchtower to check on Lyle Godwin. He suggests that you take the half-orc with you since he was a great help fighting the wasps off in the area that Rickety was at the time.
The trail itself winds through the jungle behind the Commons, and then follows the knife-edged ridgeline as it climbs along the headland. The way is rocky and steep, overgrown with jungle foliage, and drops precipitously to the cove 50 or more feet below. As you make your way along this trail, you come upon wild boars that are hungrily rooting around. The boars are aggressive and immediately attack.
When you get to the tower, they find a number of broken rum bottles on the ground below the tower. Katarina climbs the ladder to the tower’s simple wooden platform, while Gallen scales the outside of the tower. The others remain on the ground beneath the tower. Once, Gallen and Katarina are both at the top, a giant wasp appears from the top of the tower where it had been resting. The wasp first attacks Gallen while he is hanging on the outside of the tower. Gallen manages to drive into the tower and while the others exterminate the giant wasp. They find the twisted remains of a rope hammock and a few scattered items of clothing. Lying beneath the hammock, with one boot on and the other lying across the floor from it, is the flyspecked corpse of an elderly man. He is recently deceased, and one side of his neck is black and swollen to the size of a melon. A dried ring of foam cakes the man’s beard and moustache around his lips. The parrot f laps over, alights on the corpse, and squawks again, “Shoo, fly, don’t bother me!”
This is the mortal remains of the lookout Lyle Godwin. One of the giant wasps discovered him here and attacked. He managed to drive off the wasp with his morningstar +1 but not before it stung him. Godwin suffered a major allergic reaction to the wasp’s poison and died. As a result, no signal f lag was raised to warn away the Strix as it entered the cove.
Since you carried Godwin’s body back to Rickety, he allows tells you to keep the weapon as a reward for checking on the lookout. Godwin’s parrot, Rotgut, takes a liking to Thadius.
The following day, you have your games to test and see who may make a good pirate. Not many of the locals participate that day or the ones that follow. While you do not gain any more than one new crew from the games, you do build a stable alliance with Pegsworthy and his crew. You also continue to raise your infamy while in port.
The day finally has come for you to leave dry dock. With Free Captain Pegsworthy and before the chocks are released and the ship slides down into the estuary, a bottle of Sargavan wine is smashed upon its keel. Captain Pegsworthy offers this bit of Shackles lore as a toast before you set out to make their fortunes: “Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock.”
You are familiar with this old Shackles adage, and some of their crew certainly knows it also. It refers to a small castle called Tidewater Rock that commands a small, protected harbor on a remote island south of Motaku Isle. It is said that anyone who can claim Tidewater Rock as their own will have good luck, as the castle makes a strategic watch point from which one can strike the nearby shipping lanes. Most Free Captains have better things to do than pursue old wives’ tales, but a new pirate captain would surely find a boost to her reputation were they able to claim that they had “cracked the Rock.”
You put out to sea the next morning. Kroop being an experienced old salt, and possesses a wealth of knowledge about sailing, piracy, and the Shackles or at least it seems that way. Kroop suggests you might want to raid isolated settlements on the Mwangi and Sargavan coasts in order to increase their plunder and Infamy at first. You can use these smaller raids as a way to get the feeling for being in command of your own ship. Larger settlements, such as Bloodcove, Eleder, and Senghor, are certainly beyond the your means—even smaller and more isolated locales such as Crown’s End and Port Freedom are too big to tackle without a fleet of ships. However, there are numerous small, unnamed coastal villages along the Mwangi and Sargavan coasts that would be prime targets for such a raid. You are under no obligation to follow his counsel, of course, but newly minted pirates such as yourselves would be wise to heed his guidance.
A couple of hours before eight bells, the end of the late-night watch and the beginning of the morning watch (about 4 a.m.) raiders are stopped by Rosie as they board your ship. They are three sahuagin. Luckily the crew, on duty, also sees them and they are ready for their attack. Up on deck, the battle begins as shouts to alarm the rest of the ship go out. The crew, below deck, is woken up by some flying creature that disappears up and out of the hold before they can get a good look at it. The battle on deck does not last long with Udoros fish frying two of the sahuagin. Although the battle is won, there is no sign of the creature that was flapping around below decks at the start of the battle. Most everyone that is not on watch heads back to bed, except Jonah. He remains awake to see if the flying spy ever comes back. The rest of the night is uneventful.
Morning brings renewed interest in finding a village to sack. A village is found that looks ripe for the picking. The plan is for most of the officers and some of the crew to land away from the village and then head into it through the jungle. All goes as planned until the party is stopped/heard by the village guard dogs. At that point, the villagers let loose the hounds. The dogs attack the first person they see, which is Katarina. Gallen dramatically runs, jumps, and easily leaps up onto the roof of the nearest hut. Of course, the huts roof is mainly made to keep the rain out and not tumbling characters, so he falls right through to be attack by a villager. The rest of you join the battle with Johan going down during the fight. After a few rounds of fighting the remaining warrior villagers run away having accomplished what they were supposed to do and that was to be a distraction. A distraction, so that the rest of the villagers can get away and not be captured. During the battle, the rest of the crew hangs back and does not join the fight. This fact does not go unnoticed by Katarina, who proceeds to threaten and intimidate them for not doing anything. Her theatrics are brought to an abrupt end when Sandara reminds her that the crew was never given any orders for the battle and they did start to engage once they were belittled about it by Katarina. Much like an octopus’s ink jet spreading through the water, the truth of Sandara’s words spreads through the rest of the crew and officers, and they start at sore.
You manage to get some plunder from the village but no slaves. But the issue of the crew and officers not taking to Katarina’s outburst are not going to be taken lightly it seems. Punishment of some sort perhaps? Lashes, keelhauling, abandoned on a deserted island with only a bottle of rum and a dagger perhaps?



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