ROOTS Skull & Shackles

Woo Hoo! We captured our first ship!

OK, now what do we do with it...........

You and your landing party make it safely back aboard ship. You come back with some plunder, a couple of goats, no captives, and a disgruntled crew. After Cap’n Jonah gets back to his cabin, he gets a surprise visit from Kroop and a bottle of wine. Kroop talks about what he heard happened during the adventure ashore. He gives Jonah a few suggestions of what he thinks might help next time.
The following morning, a mild punishment is handed out to Katarina of doing the jobs of the crew that she had belittled on shore. The crew finds it humorous.
After a few days a sailing you do find another village to raid and get a cabin boy.
Still hugging the coast, you happen upon a Sargavan fishing hooker (keelboat), Elten Baide, the captained by a dwarf named Vesgal Falkirk. Falkirk negotiates a “bribe” to have you leave him be by giving you half of his haul of fish for the day. During the exchange, he suggests that you put in Hidefast for the evening. Hidefast is one of a few hidden ports in the Shackles that are neutral ground. Although not all that big, Hidefast can buy and sell things that would not be available in places of the same size. The town is very well hidden by the jungle and other vegetation. The people, of the town, keep to themselves for the most part. There is a lot of activity at all hours of the day and night. You try but fail to raise your infamy while docked in town.
You head further along the Slithering Coast for a couple of days without much incident. You eventually come upon a ship and start a chase. After a few hours, you catch the ship and board her, the Truewind. The Truewind is an Absalom barque (sailing ship). After a very brief battle, with no loses on your side and the Truewind losing only first mate and some crew, you take the ship. The captain disappeared into her cabin during the fight after the first mate was taken out. Gallen proceeds to investigate the captain’s cabin where she disappeared but before he can check the door out Katarina tries to break it down and sets off a trap. BOOM! The trap is gone and so is the captain. Checking out the cabin provides a few clues to where she went, open window, empty bottle, and a bird in the distance?
After a discussion about what to do with your captive ship, you sail for Bloodcove to sell her. You get to Bloodcove without issue and sell the Truewind for a nice price. Fifteen of the Truewind’s crew stays with you. You also sell some more plunder but no boost to your infamy.



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