Allies and Enemies


Tessa Fairwind – a member of the pirate council and next in line for leadership, our crew is performing a favor by investigating Chelish designs on the Shackles. She has also offered to bring us into her fleet and gain her protection.

[Locathah noble] – saved from sahuagin lord along with a number of her eggs. Her tribe is now considered an ally

Pierce Jarell, Captain of the Salty Flagon – tipped him off to attempted shanghai of several of his crew in Port Peril. Although not necessarily a full ally, we are on very good terms

[Pirate captain] – after defusing a situation stemming from a misunderstanding at Rickety’s Squibs, this captain was impressed with our honor and discretion. His enmity of Barnabas is also a factor in our friendship


Barnabas Hannigan- we have his ship, and we killed his whore, er, cabin girl. ’nuff said.

Allies and Enemies

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