House Rules

House Rules

Rules Debates

1. No rules debate during gaming session.
2. DM decision is final during gaming session.
3. Rules/DM decisions may be debated before the start of gaming, 1 PM, or after the conclusion of the game session, when everyone is leaving.
4. Any attempt at debates during gaming session results in loss of 500 experience points for Player starting debate.
5. If Player proves that the DM was wrong, each PC gets 200 experience points.
6. If DM proves that the Player was wrong, each PC gets -200 experience points.
7. If erroneous DM decision resulted directly in a PC’s death, PC is brought back as and given 25% of the experience points it would take the PC to get to the next level.
8. If DM decision was correct and the PC died legally, said PC is now dead beyond all means.

Rules Mods

1. PCs are allowed two Traits at first level. Characters can select 1 new trait at every 4 levels after that corresponding to characters ability increases. Traits may not be retrained.
2. Bonus 0 Level spells based on abilities score. Add 1 to the number of 1st level spells you would get for the ability score and that is the number of bonus 0 level spells.
3. PCs are allowed one Archetype.
4. No use of Hero Points.
5. No use of Words of Power.
6. Unrestricted Languages.
7. At each level the Player can either take the average hit points plus 1 plus their Constitution bonus or they can roll the dice and take what rolls.
8. Wizards, whose bond is with an object, get one extra spell per level per day instead of just one extra spell a day. The rest of the rules for a wizard’s bonded object apply normally.
9. With each ability score increase you can pick another trait.
10. Each time a character is eligible for a new feat, they may retrain a feat. The feat being retrained cannot have any dependents feats and must be of the same type as the one replaced. Examples: a fighter can only retrain a fighter feat with another fighter feat that they gain at a specific level and the same with a wizard’s special feats, and so forth.

Game Play

1. The house opens at noon. Please plan on arriving sometime between noon and one o’clock. This hour is for catching up characters, events, questions, and other activities that tend to keep the game from running smoothly.
2. Start time of game play is at one o’clock. Please be in your seats and have pop/food/character sheets ready to go to game.
3. A hourglass will be used to determine how long the player has to make a decision. Once the characters turn starts, so does the timer.
4. At each game session, a glass bead per APL will be up for grabs. Each glass bead represents a 5% XP bonus. The beads will be given out by a player majority, at the end of the game, when the group thinks that a character has done something extra special that is deserving of extra XP. The GM has the final say on if the reason is justifiable.
5. Break times at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The breaks will be ten minutes in length. This is time set aside to go to the bathroom, get more to drink, smoke, etc. These times are not absolutes. If game play would be greatly disrupted by a break, i.e. combat, then the break will happen as soon as is possible. The 6 o’clock break will be a supper break if wanted and needed so it may be longer. The 9 o’clock break is to determine if more game time is warranted or if the night can be called.

Electronic Devices

1. Once game play starts, at 1 PM, the only program allowed running on computers in the gaming room is HeroLab.
2. Cell phones are allowed but in emergency cases only. Non-emergency communications can be done in the break times.
2. If a player is caught, by the GM or another player, using forbidden programs/device(s), then that player gets a penalty equal to 10%. Example, if each player gets 2345 XP for the game session, the player would then get 2345-235.

House Rules

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